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Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, sometimes referred to as an abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure to change the way the abdomen looks and feels. Excess skin and fat are removed from the abdomen during a tummy tuck. Sutures are often used to tighten the connective tissues (fascia). The remaining skin is then repositioned to give off a toned appearance. If you have extra skin or fat around your belly button or a weak lower abdominal wall, you might choose to get a tummy tuck.

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About Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy tuck, commonly known as “abdominoplasty”, is a procedure designed to make the abdomen seem tighter and leaner. It usually includes removing stretch marks, extra skin, and fat that isn’t altered by exercise. It may also involve mending and tightening the stomach’s muscles and tendons.

Most women seek an abdominoplasty after having children or losing weight because they may feel that there is extra skin on their abdomen because of these life events. The treatment can also be used to remove scars from prior operations or regions of skin that have numerous stretch marks.

Tummy tucks are often only advised if you have a healthy, stable body mass index (BMI) because they cannot help you lose weight. You must be within a few pounds of your ideal weight and have maintained that weight for at least 6 to 12 months.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) at a Glance

Procedure Time:
3-5 hours

Return to Work:
2-3 week

Full Recovery:
12 weeks


What to expect during your consultation: 

Your doctor will inquire about your expectations for the procedure during your free virtual consultation. You may talk about the abdominoplasty’s benefits, risks, recovery time, surgical techniques, and more.

You have the option of having this surgical consultation in person at your nearby clinic or by video chat. Your surgeon will discuss both standard (full) and modified (mini) tummy tucks to determine which procedure will be most beneficial.

It’s critical to have a thorough understanding of the abdominoplasty procedure, including the surgery and expected outcomes, as it is a significant treatment. We encourage you to ask us any questions you may have since our doctors will be pleased to provide you with all the information you want.

What to expect at the time of your surgery: 

On the day of your tummy tuck surgery, our surgeon will meet with you, help you through the consent form, and answer any final questions. The rest of your surgical team will introduce themselves too, before you are moved into the theatre.

Depending on what you and your surgeon decided was the best course of action, your surgeon will either do a mini or full tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck Recovery:

Every stage of the recovery from a tummy tuck will be supported by us. After surgery, it’s probable that your abdomen will be uncomfortable and swollen. You’ll be given a tight support garment to wear, which aids in healing. Bruising and swelling will last for a few weeks.

Your nurse will go over important post-tummy tuck aftercare with you as you get ready to be released, including the necessity to wear the compression garment, how to take care of your sutures, and how to be sanitary while doing so. Within two weeks, we’ll schedule a visit for your surgeon and you to take out the stitches and talk about how you’re doing.

Tummy Tuck Aftercare:

We provide all our cosmetic surgery patients the finest quality aftercare programme to ensure they get the assistance they need following their tummy tuck. This includes thorough instructions on how to support your body’s healing process, post-operative checkups to evaluate progress and address any issues, and more appointments to ensure you are satisfied with the outcomes.

Your stomach should improve right away after your compression garment is taken off, however it could take a few more months for it to settle fully.

To keep your mind at ease, you may always call our Aftercare team at any time with any inquiries.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Prices

Prices range from £7000-£7500. There is no set price for abdominoplasty surgery as every patient is unique and treated on an individual, case-by-case basis.

For a no obligation quote, tailored specifically to you, please find your nearest Signature Clinic and book in for free consultation with one of our experienced surgeons. Your requirements are discussed in full confidence in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Following your consultation, the price you are quoted includes everything and there are no extra or hidden costs. Advice, treatment and aftercare are all part of our package to ensure your experience is positive from beginning to end.

Next Steps

Find out more about the procedure and treatment with a free no obligation consultation. To meet with one of our surgeons and receive free expert advice tailored to your needs, please call us or book your free consultation using our quick online form.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) FAQ

What happens in a Tummy Tuck procedure?2022-11-03T17:49:18+00:00

Depending on whether you have a full or a mini abdominoplasty, your procedure will differ. Your surgeon will make a curving incision around the base of your abdomen between your hips, right above your pubic region, during a complete tummy tuck procedure. Your belly button, as well as extra skin and fat, will be separated from the abdominal muscles. After that, the muscles will be tightened and repositioned. Your belly button will be pushed downward and linked to the base of your abdomen through a second incision. A smaller incision is made across the base of your stomach during a mini-tummy tuck procedure (also known as a partial abdominoplasty). Before being stitched down to the base of your abdomen, extra skin and fat are separated from the muscles and removed.

What are the benefits of a Tummy Tuck?2022-11-03T17:51:34+00:00

Even though a Tummy tuck is a major treatment, it might be beneficial for women who have exhausted all other less invasive options for decreasing weight and skin. First off, stretch marks and extra skin that can be damaging to one’s self-image and confidence are removed during mini and full abdominoplasties. After weight loss or childbirth, the procedure can significantly improve quality of life by resulting in a flatter, more toned appearance. Along with this, an abdominoplasty may also encourage a healthy and active lifestyle and help you stay on track with your weight loss objectives due to the enhanced look of your abdomen. Long-term improvements in muscular flexibility and posture can be made by tightening the abdominal muscles, as is the case with a full tummy tuck, which can assist with back pain and exercise-related difficulties. Additionally, issues with bladder and bowel function, such as stress urinary incontinence, can be improved, as can the occurrence of hernias. Moreover, the chance of developing illnesses including heart disease, gallbladder disease, gallstones, sleep apnoea, and diabetes might be decreased because of the removal of fat and skin after a tummy tuck.

What are the risks of a Tummy Tuck?2022-11-03T17:53:58+00:00

Although our skilled surgeons frequently perform tummy tuck procedures, there is always a chance of risk. Anyone thinking about having an abdominoplasty should be aware of the risks and potential side effects. Stomach pains, bruising, swelling, post-operative haemorrhage, numbness around the scar, and skin abnormalities are common adverse effects of an abdominoplasty. Fortunately, the years of expertise that our professional surgeons have guarantee that all of these risks are kept to a minimum. Your surgical assistant will go through all the potential risks of a tummy tuck in detail with you if you have any questions or concerns, giving you precise guidelines and addressing each one of your concerns.

Is Tummy Tuck Surgery right for me?2022-11-03T17:55:52+00:00

Not everyone is considered a good candidate for tummy tucks. Only post-pregnancy or individuals who have lost a lot of weight and have a lot of extra skin that bothers them are often given these procedures. Additionally, patients must be above 18 and in good health. Ideal conditions for patients include steady weight goals, a balanced food, and a healthy way of life. This implies that having an abdominoplasty may not be the ideal choice if you tend to gain and lose a lot of weight fast or want to have additional children. This is because gaining too much weight might make the results of the treatment look worse. Before you choose whether to proceed with the procedure, your doctor will have a detailed consultation with you to ensure that a tummy tuck is the best option for you. They will examine the fat, skin, and muscle in your abdomen and will go through all available options.

Can you have a baby after a Tummy Tuck?2022-11-03T17:56:53+00:00

Although having a baby is safe to do after a stomach tuck, the stretching of the abdominal muscles and skin can occasionally reverse its results and necessitate surgical revision. Although every patient is unique, it is often suggested that women complete their families before considering tummy tuck.

How long will it take me to recover after a Tummy Tuck?2022-11-03T17:58:21+00:00

We suggest that you take up to six weeks off work. You’ll need someone to drive you home after surgery and stay with you for 24 hours. We suggest you to verify with your insurance company to make sure you are covered following surgery and to refrain from driving for two weeks. For up to 12 weeks, you must refrain from physically demanding activities to ensure that the scar is not put under strain.

How long after the Tummy Tuck will I start to see the results?2022-11-03T18:00:53+00:00

After your operation, it should take around six weeks before you start to notice the results of the abdominoplasty. The tummy tuck will cause early swelling and bruising, and you’ll need to wear a compression garment for six weeks to aid in the recovery of your newly toned stomach.

When can I return to work after my Abdominoplasty?2022-11-03T18:01:50+00:00

Recovery times after a tummy tuck vary from person to person. Depending on how physically demanding your job is, we often advise taking two to three weeks off. Your surgeon will go through this with you and give you advice on when, based on your line of work, you may return to work after having a tummy tuck.

When can I do exercise after a Tummy Tuck?2022-11-03T18:03:20+00:00

For at least six weeks following your tummy tuck surgery, you must refrain from exercising. Most of the time, we advise resting as much as you can to aid with your abdominoplasty’s recovery. To lower the risk, it might also be a good idea to get help around the house.

Will I have any Tummy Tuck scars following surgery?2022-11-03T18:05:10+00:00

The lower abdomen is typically covered in scars following tummy tuck procedures. Most people discover that this scarring may be concealed by undergarments and that it will eventually fade. A scar around the belly button is also typical for those who have had a full tummy tuck. It might take up to a year following surgery before you can see the complete results of your scar.

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