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Extensor Tendon Repair2023-09-23T15:00:02+01:00

Extensor Tendon Repair

The ability to extend or straighten the fingers and thumb is made possible by the extensor tendons. These tendons are susceptible to damage from trauma or injury, which can hinder finger extension and reduce hand function.

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Extensor Tendon Repair

Extensor tendon repair is a surgical treatment used to repair an extensor tendon in the hand or finger that has been damaged or severed. The fingers and thumb can be extended or straightened thanks to the extensor tendons. Injury to these tendons may make it difficult or impossible to fully extend the affected digit.

Extensor Tendon Repair at a Glance

Procedure Time:
1-2 hours

Return to Work:
2-4 weeks

Full Recovery:
12 weeks

£1500 (Fixed)

What to expect at the time of your surgery:

To ensure the patient’s comfort throughout the procedure, local anaesthetic is administered. In order to reach the injured extensor tendon, a tiny incision is made over the affected region. The exact tendon involved and the type of injury determine the size and location of the incision. By delicately dissecting the surrounding tissues, the surgeon carefully exposes the extensor tendon’s injured or severed ends. The tendon’s damaged ends are carefully reapproximated and mended utilising a variety of methods. Depending on elements like the location and severity of the tendon injury, the state of the tendon ends, and the surgeon’s preference, a different approach may be used. Strong sutures can be used to stitch the tendon ends together, specialist tools can be used to secure the tendon to bone, or tendon grafts can be used for severe or complicated injuries. Sutures or surgical staples are used to close the incision when the tendon repair is finished. To protect the surgical site, sterile dressings are used.

Extensor Tendon Repair Recovery:

Following surgery, the digit is typically immobilised with a splint or cast to safeguard the repaired ligament. On how to take care of the incision, control pain, and when to begin rehabilitation activities, you will receive detailed instructions. Physical therapy is an essential component of the healing process and aids in regaining the digit’s strength, range of motion, and functionality. Although recovery times might differ, it often takes several months for the digit to fully recover. You will progressively restore strength and range of motion throughout this time through therapy. It’s crucial to adhere to your surgeon’s instructions and show up for all prescribed follow-up appointments.

Extensor Tendon Repair Prices

Extensor Tendon Repair prices are fixed, which is £1500

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Next Steps

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Extensor Tendon Repair FAQ

What symptoms or signals should I be on the lookout for while recovering?2023-08-02T16:07:34+01:00

If you experience any signs of infection (increased pain, redness, swelling, or drainage from the incision site), or if you see a noticeable decline in finger or hand function, increased pain, or any other concerns during the healing process, it’s important to keep an eye on your recovery and contact your surgeon.

After having my extensor tendon repaired, how long will I have to wear a splint or cast?2023-09-23T14:56:41+01:00

The particular repair and the surgeon’s prescription will determine how long you must wear a splint or cast. Although it can change, it usually lasts for a few weeks. The repaired tendon is protected by the splint or cast, which also aids in normal recovery.

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