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Olecranon Spur Excision2023-11-01T14:17:01+00:00

Olecranon Spur Excision

A surgical operation called olecranon spur excision is used to remove an olecranon spur, which is a bony protrusion or prominence, from the back of the elbow. Excision of the olecranon spur is usually advised when the spur is extremely painful, restricts elbow mobility, or makes daily tasks uncomfortable.

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Olecranon Spur Excision

One of the two bones of the forearm, the olecranon, is the bony tip of the ulna and forms the point of the elbow. An olecranon spur is an aberrant bone protrusion that can arise from several causes, including inflammation, trauma, and degenerative diseases. When the elbow is flexed, this condition may result in pain, restricted range of motion, and discomfort.

Olecranon Spur Excision at a Glance

Procedure Time:
30 minutes

Return to Work:
2 weeks

Full Recovery:
3-4 weeks

£2000 (Fixed)

What to expect at the time of your surgery:

The surgeon makes an incision over the olecranon spur during the surgery. After the spur is gently removed, any related tissue damage is treated. The intention is to improve elbow function and reduce pain by smoothing the surface of the bone. Local anaesthesia is used for olecranon spur excision. Usually, the incision is done right above the olecranon spur, on the back of the elbow. Depending on the size and location of the spur, the incision’s length and placement may change. Specialised surgical instruments are used to remove the spur once the surgeon gains access to it. To prevent harm to the sensitive tissues around, great care is used. The incision is closed with sutures.

What to expect after your surgery:

Following surgery, the incision is covered with a sterile covering or bandage. To ensure adequate healing, patients are typically advised to immobilise their elbows for a certain amount of time. Exercises or physical therapy could be suggested to restore arm strength and range of motion.

Olecranon Spur Excision Prices

Olecranon Spur Excision prices are fixed, which is £2000

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Olecranon Spur Excision FAQ

Is olecranon spur excision surgery painful?2023-11-01T14:09:15+00:00

No, because of the anesthesia, the surgical procedure is painless.

Will olecranon spur excision leave noticeable scars?2023-11-01T14:13:03+00:00

As with any surgical operation, scars are prevalent; however, they might look different. To reduce scarring, your surgeon will take appropriate measures.

How does the recovery process work?2023-11-01T14:14:59+00:00

To promote appropriate recovery following surgery, patients are frequently instructed to immobilise the elbow for a while. Exercises or physical therapy could be suggested to restore arm strength and range of motion.

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