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Toe Deformity Corrective Osteotomies

Toe deformity corrective osteotomies are surgical procedures performed to correct various types of toe deformities in-order to achieve good alignment, improved symptoms and gait. These deformities may include conditions like hammertoes, claw toes, mallet toes, and overlapping toes.

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Toe Deformity Corrective Osteotomies

In the context of foot and ankle surgery, toe deformity corrective osteotomies are surgical techniques used to treat different kinds of toe abnormalities. For example, hallux valgus, hammertoes, claw toes, mallet toes, and overlapping toes are examples of these abnormalities.

Toe deformities can result in significant problems including gait disturbance, problems with footwear, and overall appearance. This, in turn, may affect physical and mental health.

Toe Deformity Corrective Osteotomies at a Glance

Procedure Time:
60-90 minutes

Return to Work:
4-6 weeks

Full Recovery:
12 weeks

£1500 - £2500

What to expect at the time of your surgery:

During toe deformity corrective osteotomies, the surgeon makes controlled cuts (osteotomies) in the bones of the affected toe or toes. These cuts are strategically placed to allow for realignment and correction of the deformity. The surgeon may remove a small piece of bone or reposition the bone fragments to achieve the desired correction. Toe deformity corrective osteotomies are usually performed under local anesthesia or regional anesthesia, depending on the extent of the procedure.

Toe Deformity Corrective Osteotomies Recovery:

The recovery period involves immobilising the foot with a cast, splint, or special shoe for a few weeks. Physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises are often recommended to aid in the recovery process.

Toe Deformity Corrective Osteotomies Prices

Toe Deformity Corrective Osteotomies prices range from £1500 - £2500.

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Next Steps

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Toe Deformity Corrective Osteotomies FAQ

How do I know if I need a toe deformity corrective osteotomy?2023-07-11T17:08:16+01:00

A toe deformity corrective osteotomy may be recommended if you have a toe deformity, such as hammertoes, claw toes, mallet toes, or overlapping toes, that is causing pain, difficulty walking, or interfering with daily activities. It is best to consult with a foot and ankle specialist who can evaluate your condition and determine the appropriate treatment options.

What are the benefits of a toe deformity corrective osteotomy?2023-08-03T17:30:31+01:00

The primary benefit of a toe deformity corrective osteotomy is to improve symptoms. By realigning the bones, the procedure can improve the appearance of the toe, relieve pain and discomfort, restore normal toe function, and enhance overall foot function and mobility.

What is the recovery time for a toe deformity corrective osteotomy?2023-08-03T17:32:28+01:00

The recovery time can vary depending on the specific procedure and individual factors. Generally, it can take 6-10 weeks for bones to heal properly. During this time, you may need to wear a cast, splint, or special shoe to protect and support the foot depending on what surgery is performed. Physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises are often recommended to aid in the healing process and restore strength and flexibility to the toe.

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