What is a Prominent ear correction?

Prominent ear correction also known as an Otoplasty, Pinnaplasty, or cosmetic ear surgery, is a very common facial plastic surgery procedure. The procedure is performed to correct protruding ears, which may first become apparent in the first few years of life. In fact, psychologists have found that the physical appearance of the ears can have a strong impact on the patients self esteem, self image and can negatively affect ones social and professional life. Occasionally, children may develop only one protruding ear or a floppy ear, commonly called “lop ear.”

What can you achieve with Prominent Ear Correction at Signature Clinic (Pinnaplasty)?

Repairing the structural defects of the ears requires exceptional technical skill as well as a keen artistic sense. The main reasons for ear surgery are:

  • Reduction of ear size
  • Correction of uneven or asymmetric ears
  • Reducing the prominence of the ears
  • Diminish protruding ears, and contouring helical and antihelical folds
  • Repair disfigurement from injury or disease or birth defects


Although commonly operated on during youth, this procedure can be successfully executed at any age.

Ears can protrude from the head for two main reasons or a combination of the two. The most common reason ears can protrude is due to the absence of the anti-helical fold. The anti-helical fold fails to form during the growth of the ear, and as a consequence, the ear protrudes.

The second reason is if the conchal bowl, the part of the ear that forms a “bowl” is enlarged. The reality is that most protruding ears have a combination of the two.

The otoplasty procedure is performed via a small incision behind the ear. If the ear in missing the anti-helical fold, then one of our experienced surgeons will place several permanent stitches through the ear cartilage. When these stitches are tied, they create the anti-helical fold and change  the shape of the ear. When the fold is created, the ear will come in towards the head. The anti-helical fold should not be made by cutting any cartilage. This can lead to an ear deformity.

If the conchal bowl is too large, then the conchal bowl is carefully shaved and brought in closer to the head with permanent stitches. In most prominent ear correction surgeries, a combination of both of these procedures is done to bring the ear closer to head. It takes our surgeons about one and half hours to perform the otoplasty.

  • Procedure Time- 1 – 2 hours
  • Overnight Stays – None, can leave after procedure Return to work – Subject to career – 3 Days

  • Full Recovery – 2 – 4 Weeks

  • Price – £2195-£2495

  • Aftercare – No scars, mild-moderate bruising and swelling

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