HIFU offers a safe alternative treatment to having a Surgical Face Lift at a fraction of the cost. HIFU or High Intensity Ultrasound can significantly tighten and lift several areas of the face. This can reduce the signs of ageing while improving skin tone. Results are visible from one session but a course may be required for optimal results.

HIFU has deep penetration properties and can reach the SMAS (Smooth Muscle Aponeurotic System) Layer underneath the dermis

*Results are not guaranteed and can vary from patient to patient.

  • Appointment: 60 mins

  • Return To Work: Same Day

  • Effects Visible: 4 Weeks

  • Treatment Lasts: Long Lasting Results

  • HIFU Face Price : £699

  • HIFU Lower Face/Neck Price : £599

  • HIFU Face/Neck Price : £799

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