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Lipoedema Surgery

Lipoedema, also known as uncomfortable fat syndrome, is an illness that worsens over time. If it is not identified early, sufferers frequently gain weight in their lower bodies and experience greater pain, tenderness, and swelling.

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Lipoedema Surgery

Unlike with standard liposuction (a cosmetic body-contouring procedure that removes relatively small areas of stubborn fat), the goal of therapeutic liposuction is to remove as much fat as possible. The limit is generally around five liters, but sometimes that amount can go higher, and generally, more than one or several rounds of liposuction are needed to treat lipoedema.

Lipoedema Surgery at a Glance

Procedure Time:
2 hours

Return to Work:
5-7 days

Full Recovery:
2 Weeks

£2500- £6000

Each case of lipoedema is unique and is based on the flexibility of your skin and the volume of fat that was removed. One should often anticipate having loose skin. You can have a consultation with our consulting doctors about the excess skin removal procedure.

Benefits of  lipoedema surgery:

  • Lipoedema surgery involving liposuction is the most effective treatment to alleviate the painful symptoms that are caused by lipoedema.
  • The quality of life usually improves greatly after surgery. Most lipoedema patients have reported a virtual vanishing of their pain immediately following surgery. It can also provide a huge boost in confidence and help patients lead a more active lifestyle.
  • While there is some post-surgical discomfort (often described as a sore feeling), many patients consider it mild, especially compared to the severity of pain caused by lipoedema.

Preparing for your surgery:

Since you won’t be able to drive yourself home following surgery, make plans to have close family member or trusted friend go with you. 
Make sure you have good night’s rest the night before, eat balanced breakfast, and drink enough water.

Lipoedema Surgery Recovery:

Although full recovery could take up to six weeks, you can anticipate going back to work in two weeks. 
Following surgery, you’ll be given the go-ahead to walk around lightly and slowly to ensure good fluid drainage.

Lipoedema Surgery Prices

Price range between £2500 - £6000 for Lipoedema Surgery.

For a no obligation quote, tailored specifically to you, please find your nearest Signature Clinic and book in for free consultation with one of our experienced surgeons. Your requirements are discussed in full confidence in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Following your consultation, the price you are quoted includes everything and there are no extra or hidden costs. Advice, treatment and aftercare are all part of our package to ensure your experience is positive from beginning to end.

Next Steps

Find out more about the procedure and treatment with a free no obligation consultation. To meet with one of our surgeons and receive free expert advice tailored to your needs, please call us or book your free consultation using our quick online form.

Lipoedema Surgery FAQ

Does lipoedema always affect both legs equally?2023-04-12T10:55:55+01:00

Nearly invariably, lipoedema is symmetrical. But when the illness worsens, one leg may become larger than the other.

Does lipoedema worsen with time?2023-04-12T11:04:11+01:00

Although lipoedema is a progressive condition, each patient’s rate of progression is different. Although the pace of progression cannot be precisely predicted, it can be reasonably inferred from the rate of progression over the past few years.

After liposuction, can the fat reoccur?2023-04-12T11:21:37+01:00

In general, lipoedema liposuction outcomes endure a long time as long as your weight stays fairly stable. Leg size may expand along with the rest of your body if weight gain occurs after liposuction.

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