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Perineoplasty surgery is a procedure that aims to repair the perineum and external organs of the vagina. Weight loss, Childbirth, trauma and many other factors can damage this area and cause the skin around your vaginal opening to become overstretched and sag.

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About Perineoplasty Procedure

Perineoplasty is a surgical procedure to restore function to your vagina’s exterior organs and perineum (vulva). The area between your anus and vagina is known as your perineum. Its function is to support your pelvic floor muscles and reproductive organs. The skin around your vaginal opening can be damaged by childbirth, weight loss, trauma, and other circumstances, leading to loose, stretched skin.

Perineoplasty at a Glance

Procedure Time:
1.5 hours

Return to Work:
1 week

Full Recovery:
4 weeks


In order to restrict your vaginal opening, strengthen and tighten your perineum, and repair loose, scarred, or damaged skin around your vagina, you may consider having a perineoplasty. This surgery can enhance your perineal area’s look while restoring function and comfort.

Who would consider having this procedure:

In order to address loose skin at their vaginal opening, many people consider perineoplasty. This problem causes feelings of self-consciousness or decreased sex satisfaction. Muscle injury alone might sometimes result in incontinence problems. 

their vagina’s surrounding skin is loose, protruding, or gaping. 

  • excessive scarring following an episiotomy or tears during delivery by vagina. 
  • Low self-esteem. 
  • Bowel or urinary incontinence 
  • Sensation being lost during intercourse. 
  • Vaginal irritation, discomfort, or pain. 
  • Low libido. 

Perineoplasty Procedure:

Here at Signature Clinic our consultants will discuss your symptoms and desires for surgery. They will answer any queries you have about the procedure and help you understand the risks and benefits. Our surgeons will then make an incision at your vaginal opening and remove any excess skin or scar tissue and repair the deeper muscle layers around your vagina. To finish off our surgeon will close the edges of the incision with stitches.

Perineoplasty Aftercare

Very similar to most procedures, your body needs time to heal after perineoplasty surgery. The first few days after surgery you may experience some swelling and discomfort around the area.

Some Aftercare Steps to follow:

  • Refrain from any form of vagina penetration for at least 6 weeks such as tampons or sexual intercourse.
  • Limit heavy lifting and intense exercise for at least 4 weeks.
  • Stay hydrated and eat high-fiber foods to avoid constipation.
  • Keep the area dry and clean. Stitches should dissolve on their own within the first few weeks.

Perineoplasty Prices

At Signature Clinic, there is a fixed price of £2,500 for Perineoplasty.

For a no obligation quote, tailored specifically to you, please find your nearest Signature Clinic and book in for free consultation with one of our experienced surgeons. Your requirements are discussed in full confidence in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Following your consultation, the price you are quoted includes everything and there are no extra or hidden costs. Advice, treatment and aftercare are all part of our package to ensure your experience is positive from beginning to end.

Next Steps

Find out more about the procedure and treatment with a free no obligation consultation. To meet with one of our surgeons and receive free expert advice tailored to your needs, please call us or book your free consultation using our quick online form.

Perineoplasty FAQ

How long is Perineoplasty surgery?2022-11-08T11:01:20+00:00

The entire process lasts roughly an hour. You can go home after a short recovery period in the surgical center or outpatient facility.

What should I expect after a Perineoplasty?2022-11-08T11:04:21+00:00

Your body requires time to heal following a perineoplasty, as it does with most surgical operations. The first several days will likely be uncomfortable with some swelling. In the initial weeks of your recovery, taking sitz baths and immersing your perineum in several inches of warm water may also be pleasant.

What does Perineoplasty help with?2022-11-08T11:02:36+00:00

Perineoplasty improves tightness and fixes vulva and perineum damage. The procedure also has the following advantages:

  • an increase in sexual satisfaction.
  • elevated self-esteem
  • restores the size of your vagina to that prior to pregnancy.
  • eliminates or fixes scar tissue.
  • for the treatment of incontinence (leaking urine).
  • Corrects deformities or other imperfections.
What is the recovery time after Perineoplasty?2022-11-08T11:03:13+00:00

Following a perineoplasty, recovery takes six to eight weeks. Pay attention to the advice given to you by our aftercare team as you recover. For at least four weeks, you should limit your activities, and for six weeks, you should avoid having intercourse.

Are Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty the same?2022-11-08T11:03:54+00:00

No, they aren’t the same. But there can be overlap in some instances.

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