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About Aqualyx and Kybella Fat Dissolving Injections

You have been good with your diet and exercise but those stubborn areas of fat won’t simply shift, sounds familiar? You are not alone!

Aqualyx/Kybella is the most effective non surgical fat reduction treatment available on the market, especially for areas that are stubborn and resistant to exercise. For some patients who are not suitable for liposuction, or prepared for liposuction, Aqualyx will provide these patients a permanent reduction of fat. Aqualyx works well combined with other treatments such as liposuction, fat freezing or HIFU.

Aqualyx at a Glance

  • Procedure Time: 60 minutes
  • Return To Work: Same Day

  • Effects Visible: in 4 weeks

  • Price: From £249 per session. Between 2 to 4 sessions required. Package available.

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How does Aqualyx work?

Aqualyx is an injectable fat loss treatment derived from cholic acid.
Cholic acid is a natural substance produced by the liver and it help to digest fat. When injected
this solution kills fat cells. These dead fat cells are then removed by your body’s lymphatic

How is treatment done?

Treatment is carried out in clinical rooms in a sterile manner. The doctor mixes the Aqualyx with
Local Anaesthetic to reduce discomfort. The solution is then injected into the areas needing
treated. You may require 2 or 3 sessions for full benefit. Treatments will usually be spaced 4
weeks apart.

Is there any downtime?

You can anticipate redness, slight bruising and swelling that could last up to 48-72 hours.
Over-the-counter painkillers can be taken but Anti Inflammatory medications ( e.g Ibuprofen )
are best avoided.

Is Aqualyx safe?

Aqualyx is a proven safe and effective method for reducing stubborn pockets of fat. The Aqualyx
manufacturer has reported no major side effects.

What is the cost?

Prices start from £370 for smaller areas. Treatment plans and Finance is available if required.

Am I a good candidate?

At Signature Clinic, we strive to give patients the proper treatment to suit their goals.  Why not book in for a free assessment to find the right option for you!

As a general rule:

Aqualyx is not a weight loss treatment.
It is good for stubborn areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise.
It is not an alternative if you have large areas of fat as an alternative to liposuction

Our doctor will be able to make a full assessment and recommendation at your assessment.
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Does the following areas bother you?

  • Abdominal Fat
  • Love handles
  • Double chins
  • Bingo wings
  • Bra rolls
  • Hips and thighs

Aqualyx Prices

Prices start from £249 per session and two to four sessions are required to achieve the best results. Ask about our Aqualyx package when you enquire today.

For a no obligation quote, tailored specifically to you, please find your nearest Signature Clinic and book in for free consultation with one of our experienced surgeons. Your requirements are discussed in full confidence in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Following your consultation, the price you are quoted includes everything and there are no extra or hidden costs. Advice, treatment and aftercare are all part of our package to ensure your experience is positive from beginning to end.

Next Steps

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Surgical Alternatives

Surgical alternatives to Aqualyx are available:

> Vaser Liposuction
> Smart Lipo – Laser Lipolysis

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