Men who feel they don’t measure up and also males who want to enhance and improve their penile girth. Many men are likely to turn to surgical or cosmetic procedures. There are a lot of options in the current market for you to consider, but often many are not aware of which are the best for your personal needs. It’s possible to find “male enhancement products like pills, vacuum devices, tugging devices and more, but there is no scientific evidence backing these results.

Many men opt for penis fillers which  are designed to increase the organ’s girth, through injections, similar to lip fillers. However, there are more complications becoming common with this treatment and the fillers is only a temporary solution since it can last for only about six months satisfy you long term. Penis fillers are also one of the most expensive treatments and not many want to keep paying for their results. 

In comparison to Penis Enhancement Surgery which can give you long lasting results. 

The procedure Signature Clinic provide to males is penile girth meaning/thickening, which consists of a functional fat transfer from the body to the penis, increasing size in width, during flacid and also an erected state. It’s natural, beneficial but also reversible.

Our surgeons have trained extensively throughout the years to provide patients with the potential to transfer double the fat to maximise the penis thickness. We use this by taking a fat graft from a fatty area of the patient’s body, and injecting this into the width of the penis, providing an effective, and functional result when flaccid and erect. We can increase the diameter of the penis in some instances up to 2-5 centimetres. It is important to note that the fat transplant can provide functional use for intimate activities whereas the fillers are almost a void, and patients have reported that fillers feel heavy and not as pleasurable.  With any fat transfer, you can have the option to do liposuction done as well, since you will be removing it from fattier areas of your body anyway to transfer to the penis.

If you are worried about getting a consultation, at Signature Clinic we have a confidential and highly skilled Doctor examine the area, listen to what you would like to achieve in terms of penile improvement, if this is achievable and realistic we will then design a treatment plan for you.

During the actual surgery you would not feel any pain! The procedure takes around 1-1.5 hours, and we use local anaesthetic, meaning the penis is numb and can go home directly after the procedure. Aftercare is very simple, resting for about 2-3 days before returning to work and mild discomfort will be gone within 1-2 weeks. 

The procedure has life changing results, and all of our clients have seen remarkable visible improvements.  If you would like to enquire more and receive a free consultation for Penis Enhancement Surgery feel free to call us at 01412552737 or email us at .