We all have flabby and fatty areas that we would want  to treat. Most liposuction treatments can remove the fatty tissue but do not address the lax and excess skin and fat pockets that are left after the procedure. This is where SMART LIPO comes into fullition.

Smartlipo® is a medical device designed exclusively to perform laser liposuction. A very thin tube containing a laser fiber is inserted in targeted areas through a small incision. The laser fiber delivers thermal energy directly to fat cells for easy removal.  Since it uses laser lipolysis which orgins from lipo meaning fat and lysis meaning destruction of a cell.   Laser part melts and destroys the fat from a relevant blood supply, rendering the fat completely void by the body anatomically . Following that the surgeon will then use a cannulae to aspirate the excess fat and finally, the probe is reentered into the area of concern, to tighten the skin.The combination of the laser literally melting the fat, and the tissue around the area tightens through coagulation, contributing to a smoother shape overall.

The best candidates are men and women who are in good health who are not significantly overweight, but have fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. The most popular areas are the face, neck, jawline, arms, stomach, love handles, hips, buttocks, inner/outer thighs, ankles and back. 

Smartlipo® is an in-office procedure normally done with local anesthetic,  and the procedure will take 1.5-2 hours. (depending on what areas are treated). Smartlipo® compared to other treatments is one of the most cost effective  than power assisted or Vaser liposuction. It also has very low down time and provides an immediate measurable amount of fat removed during the procedure. In comparison, no measurable fat is actually removed during non-invasive methods such as radio frequency, ultrasound, heat or cooling fat reduction treatments.

Most patients can recover and return to work within 4-5 days and often see immediate changes, with continued improvement over the next 3-6 months as swelling goes down and scar tissue heals. Additionally since Smartlipo® destroys fat cells in the treated area. However, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen to enjoy long-lasting results.

The procedure has life changing results, and all of our clients have seen remarkable visible improvements.  If you would like to enquire more and receive a free consultation for feel free to call us at 01412552737 or email us at hello@signatureclinic.co.uk .

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