Do you ever feel that your round or full cheeks make you feel self-conscious about your appearance? The Buccal Fat Pad Removal procedure is an excellent option for those who genetically have large, wide faces people or those who just want a more chiseled appearance. This surgical treatment is very effective since the cheek fat pockets can not remove it through diet and exercise. Fat can affect your face shape severely; the excess facial fat can create a childish appearance & lead to a chubbier aesthetic which obscures the attractive cheekbone definition you may be looking for. Luckily, the procedure can effectively achieve the more mature facial contour you may desire.

Another important consideration is that many people ask about liposuction and implants as an option, but do not work. Although liposuction is an effective tool for eliminating fat that causes build up in our arms, legs, stomach, etc. but it is simply too harsh to be used on the cheeks. You cannot shape the face and enhance cheek definition with liposuction, nor can you achieve that result using implants. If the face already has too much volume from fat, any facial implants used to create more prominent cheekbones would be ineffective.

More good news is that the surgery itself is quick, easy, leaves no scars, & has an extremely limited amount of downtime. During this procedure, fat from the inside of the mouth is removed to reduce the fullness of the cheeks. Small incisions are made inside the mouth, and pads of fat are removed. Deposits of fat are removed to ensure a better definition of the cheeks and a slimmer facial shape. Our surgeon Dr. Seth has noticed there has been an increase in demand for this procedure. This treatment is one of the fastest-growing procedures throughout the world and recently become trendy on social media with influencers and other surgeons.

One client who has had the procedure stated: “After having my Buccal fat removed a year ago, I was happy with the results it gave me. I had a slimmer, contoured face & those stubborn chubby cheeks were finally gone. I got endless compliments from people I knew it was the best decision I ever made.”

People prefer Buccal fat removal because it specifically targets fat along the cheeks and results in zero visible scarring and the results are tailored to the patient. Also, it is important to note that recovery time is less than one week so you can get back to living your best life as soon as possible!

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