While a surgical face list can give best results, a PRP Facelift with PRP injections is a safe and non-surgical alternative. PRP Face Lift can restore skin tone, texture, and volume. During your treatment, your doctor will take blood using pain free technique using local anaesthetic. The blood is then processed and the Plasma that is rich in Platelets and Growth Factors is extracted. The PRP ( or Platelet Rich Plasma) is injected to the face . There is no risk for an allergic reaction because it uses your own blood. All treatments are carried out by doctors in clinical settings to maintain sterility. PRP is an excellent treatment for under-eye dark circles.

*Results are not guaranteed and can vary from patient to patient.

  • Appointment: 60 mins

  • Return To Work: Same Day

  • Effects Visible: 2 Months

  • Treatment Lasts: Long Lasting Results

  • Price: From £299 per session. Between 2 to 4 sessions required. Package available

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