Countless women and men suffer from imperfections and insecurities of the body. Men have a tough time with a condition called gynecomastia. On average 40 and 60 percent plus of men live with this and it causes the breast tissue to become overdeveloped and enlarged. The cause of this condition varies but can often be linked to marijuana and steroid use, hormonal imbalance, environmental factors, or genetic predisposition. But most men with gynecomastia find that it’s in fact idiopathic, meaning we just don’t know what’s causing it. Man boobs, moobs and other horrible nicknames for this condition cause men who suffer from it to experience anxiety, feel less confident, tend to hide their bodies behind loose clothing or bad posture, or avoid scenarios in which they need to expose their upper bodies (swimming, the beach, sex!).

There are some common symptoms such as it can affect one or both breasts (very common breasts are enlarged but disproportionately). Other common symptoms are puffy or swollen nipples tissue, darkened nipples and the breast is often more tender. There are also psychological indicators that are common to many patients as well. Many men feel self-conscious or embarrassed and tend to avoid certain tight clothing or avoiding activities like swimming where they might have to go shirtless and experience higher levels of anxiety when it comes to expressing intimacy with their partners for the same reason. It is rather unfortunate that many men suffer and often feel frustrated and tired of living with the discomfort, anxiety and embarrassment associated with it. We at Signature Clinic want you to get back to feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin.

No matter how hard nutrition, pills and exercise try to alleviate it often does not work.  Exercise routines filled with pectoral work help build more muscle mass but does not target fat loss; especially since you lose fat all over the body in small increments. It also does not target the glandular tissue either. However, with increased exercise the size of your underlying muscle, which causes the condition to become more protruding and noticeable. So, it tends to make them worse. If there was a pill that could fix it, someone would be a millionaire by now. But, do not worry. We’re happy to be able to finally provide some real help to these men who’ve tried everything. There is hope! Gynecomastia surgery is here to save the day!

The surgeons at Signature Clinic performs Male Breast Reduction/Gynecomastia removal with Local Anaesthetic only depending on the patient and the extent of the procedure. Post-operative discomfort is typically minimal, and most men find it easily controllable with oral pain relievers. Recovery after male breast reduction also varies depending on the extent and type of procedure but is usually relatively quick. Many men can return to work 2 to 3 days after their procedures and are able to resume their fitness routines after about 3 weeks. While you will probably notice an improvement immediately after surgery, results take a few months.

The results of male breast reduction are typically long lasting so long as you maintain a stable weight and refrain from substances that are known to cause gynecomastia. We cannot stress enough how life-enhancing this surgery can be for men who suffer from gynecomastia. Our patients typically experience a boost in confidence that leads to greater satisfaction in many aspects of their social and professional lives.

There are so many benefits such as the happiness that can come from feeling truly comfortable in your own skin. And if you’re happy, it helps reduce anxiety and improve confidence as well. Signature Clinic does over 10-15 Gynecomastia correction surgeries a month. When we perform this procedure tend to be totally natural looking because of our expertise and the revolutionary technique we use to help you look your best.

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