One of the most popular applications among those procedures is the skin whitening procedure. Areas of skin such as the entire face, neck, chest, even arms and back can be treated effectively and safely. Wavelengths of light penetrate to different layers of the skin, lightening hyper-pigmentation, shrinking blood vessels, and creating a lighter skin appearance.Other skin whitening methods, such as bleaching creams, may irritates the skin and often creates skin sensitivity and typically would require a few months before to achieve noticeable results will. The whitening effect of IPL skin whitening will be shown approximately 1 month following the 1st session with zero to minimal side effects.

*Results are not guaranteed and can vary from patient to patient.

  • Appointment: 60 mins

  • Return To Work: Same Day

  • Effects Visible: 4 Weeks

  • Treatment Lasts: Long Lasting Results

  • Price : From £59 per session. Between 4 to 6 sessions required. Package available

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